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How It WorksHeidi Braun, Owner

I have always been very active and participated in various boot camps, yoga, kick boxing, and circuit training. After adopting a 2 year old border collie mix named Maggie, I constantly found myself leaving her at home to go to the gym.  And Maggie was not getting the exercise that she needed and I was getting frustrated. 

I first read about Thank Dog Bootcamp in Fitness magazine. After being unable to find a boot camp work out where I was able to bring my very high energy border collie, I decided to take a trip out to Burbank, CA to check it out.  While on my visit to Burbank I was able to get the full Thank Dog Bootcamp experience, and meet with Jill Bowers and Noelle Blessey (the owners and operators of Thank Dog Bootcamp).  After going through Thank Dog Bootcamp and seeing what it was all about I decided it was just what Northeastern Ohio needed.

I became an ISSA certified personal trainer in the spring of 2012.  And began working with Jill and Noelle to bring Thank Dog Bootcamp to Northeastern Ohio.  After many long days and many hours of training, NEO Thank Dog Bootcamp is up and running!