Program      Your DOG is your workout partner!®


How It Works Prices

Mandatory consultation (includes health evaluation, dog temperament evaluation and obedience lesson) - $25*

*Your dog will learn 9 commands that are required for the program. Partners will receive a packet explaining how to do all of them along with all necessary information about bootcamp. Dogs will also be evaluated for temperament**.We take hyper dogs and/or dogs who have never been trained as that's partially what this class is for! MOST dogs can do this class!! You must schedule one to start.
**We DO evaluate aggressive dogs and will allow them in class IF AND ONLY IF he is obeying and under control at all times (we DO NOT allow dog socialization - only people!). Aggressive dogs must also wear a muzzle for safety reasons.


20 classes - $250 ($12.50 per class)
16 classes - $216 ($13.50 per class)
12 classes - $174 ($14.50 per class)
8 classes - $124 ($15.50 per class)
5 classes - $83 ($16.60 per class)
3 classes - $51 ($17 per class)
1 class - $25

  • Free consultation/evaluation with the purchase of 8 classes or more.
  • If you purchase 20 class package you will get an additional 5 classes free.
  • Also you can earn free classes by getting others to sign up for a package of 8 or more classes.  For every referral you can earn 3 free classes.